The challenge of maintaining high productivity in a flexible production as well as a general increase of production at the same time with the labor cost increase all around the world force the transition needs to unmanned production.

The Flexible Machining Systems (FMS) become the cutting edge of the 21st century production systems in terms of integration with enterprise management systems and web connectivity. FMS is a strategic investment for the future.

Engineering Center SDM is a business partner of MCM (Italy) and Fastems (Finland) – world leading companies for development, production and installation of FMS and its components.

MCM manufactures, with a specific design, a full range of elements for automation of FMC and FMS for handling of workpieces, pallets and tools.

Specialized and skilled design teams make it possible to find solutions suitable for any requirement.

Through MCE software development department, all systems are managed by exclusive software solutions, with outstanding performance. Besides ensuring a safe and effective operation, these systems are a real support for production planning.

With the modular design of every building block of the FMS, MCM offers unparalleled flexibility for the customer to freely define the FMS layout and its extension by step, which is the ideal investment model to deal with the current market’s uncertainties.

Every FMS made by MCM is managed by the jFMX Supervision Software, fully developed by MCE – the Software Division of MCM – for coordinating production resources and processing the data generated by the machines and the enterprise management systems, creating an encompassing software platform from CNC to ERP, allowing to maintain the productivity at the highest levels in spite of complex production mixes mixes and variable production plans.  

Fastems is the leading independent manufacturer of factory automation systems with the mission to improve customers’ competitiveness through automation.

The company designs and produces flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), robotics-based automation, production control software, gantry and interlinking systems as well as provides  wide range of services.

Engineering Center SDM as a partner of Japanese companies Matsuura and Fanuc – leading manufacturers of automation components – offers a wide range of equipment for your production. 


Sales department of Engineering Center SDM is pleased to satisfy your demands and to offer the equipment for your production.  Feel free to send an inquiry through our web-site  or give us a call: 8-800-555-55-73.