The goal of Engineering Center SDM is the supply of high precision metalworking equipment and accessories and high-level service provision.


One of the main direction of Engineering Center SDM is complex parts and accessories production and specifically for aerospace, aircraft and shipbuilding industries.

Engineering Center SDM  realizes production on the base of its own  high technological metalworking CNC equipment by specializing in parts production from nonferrous metal‚ carbon and stainless steel,  with CAD/CAM-systems and advanced technologies of metalworking applied. A wide range of simple metal parts and complex workpieces of different shape and configuration is available.

During production cycle execution the most complex parts are pre-designed and parts components functionality is analyzed. Parts cutting technology is developed as well as control program for CNC machines. Parts prototypes are produced upon request. Only advanced equipment and certified tools are used for parts production in order to ensure the quality of applied technologies.

Turning and milling is processed on metalworking machines with the application of the most advanced tools of the world famous manufactures. Engineering Center SDM offers a wide service range such as metal parts and components processing and production, turning, milling, five axis cutting, bar processing and other metalcutting operations.

Production process organization meets demanding requirements of management system for equipment installation quality.

Parts production order
Parts production including production by customers drawings is executed on advanced CNC equipment which ensures output parts accuracy parameters achievement. 
Our company is capable to offer single prototype production as well as parts batch production.

Main advantages of parts production by the drawings:
·        varying complicity projects accomplishment;
·        high accuracy of output parts in accordance with customer technical requirements;
·        single parts production as well as parts batch production;
·        high quality material;
·        certified quality control;
·        individual approach to each customer.

The part configuration, size, quality, type and surface processing accuracy prescribes parts production in accordance with the drawings. CNC metalworking machines allow even small batches parts production with minimum financial investment and time spending.

Main procedures of parts production:
·        Customers drawings receiving, conformance inspection in accordance with technical requirements.
·        Main parameters calculation of the parts including with gaps for mechanical processing.
·        Part prototype production.
·        Modifications applied upon request.
·        Working procedures in accordance with technological process.
·        Strict control on every production step.
·        Parts supply.

By virtue of  high qualified personnel, reliable advanced equipment of high quality our Engineering Center SDM is capable to execute any orders in accordance with customers demand independent of complicity level and with the highest execution grade in the shortest time. 

Production facilities of Engineering Center SDM are located: 249722, Kaluga region, Kozelsk, Chkalov street, 79