The goal of Engineering Center SDM is the supply of high precision metalworking equipment and accessories and high-level service provision.

Company Values


Engineering Center SDM, LLC is one of the leading suppliers of high-level metalworking equipment for the needs of industrial companies in Russia and CIS countries. Representative offices of EC SDM are located in many cities of Russia including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar and Izhevsk. Engineering Center SDM has got more than 700 units of supplied CNC machining centers under service.

All supplying metalworking equipment complies with high standards demand of shipbuilding, aircraft engine technology and machinery. The product range of high technological machines ensures to offer efficient solutions for any kind of production needs by supplying, installing, service providing for the equipment, its components and  high precision tool form the world leading manufacturers.
The preliminary estimate of the customer needs  offers the possibility to prepare reasonable specification for the technological equipment, accessories and tools supply as well as  hardware/software packages.

As part of the project "ready-to-operate" the technological department of SDM realizes a full complex of works in relation to the technical requirements analysis, the technological process creation with the help of CNC control data training systems (e.g.: UG, DELCAM, MasterCam) and the cutting tool selection and the equipment set-up and the workpiece cutting test at the customer site. 

Our engineering centers. A team of high qualified engineers, technologists and software engineers - is a proud and a power of EC SDM. The skill level of our specialists  allows to accomplish any technical and technological tasks: new machines set-up, supplied equipment guarantee and after-guarantee service, repairing of turning and milling machines of other manufacturers, parts production technology, control programming, post-processing, tooling design and production. All the specialists of our Engineering center have got a core education and constant practices in machines installation, set-up and maintenance. Moreover the employees of Engineering center go through advanced training and probation regularly as well as keep a constant contact with technical and service  department of our partners. The majority of our technical engineers passed testing and have got certification at manufacturers site. Engineering centers are located in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and Izhevsk.

Production. The icons of Engineering center SDM are three high-grade production complexes, equipped with advanced technology, located in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and Kaluga. The main directions are: the production of high precision parts for aerospace and aircraft industry, shipbuilding, the calculation and the modeling, design, the creation and the implementation of processing technique and control programs for CNC machines, the production of workholding accessories and tools.