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SHIN NIPPON KOKI Co., Ltd. (SNK) (Japan)

The goal of Engineering Center SDM is the supply of high precision metalworking equipment and accessories and high-level service provision.

SHIN NIPPON KOKI Co., Ltd. (SNK) (Japan)

Shin Nippon Koki Co., Ltd. (SNK) – is a Japanese company with the history started from 1898.
Main line of SNK company business is development and production of machine tools, industrial equipment, steel mill equipment for the needs of heavy machinery, automotive industry, shipbuilding, power engineering and aircraft and space industry.

The head office of the company is located in Osaka.
Besides the representative offices in Japan the company has got the affiliated companies in USA, Germany, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

SNK company declares the main three points of production philosophy as following:
1. Optimized construction
2. 24 hours closed loop operation system
3. Strict quality control system

SNK offers a wide variety of double-column bridge type machines for you to choose from to permit the optimum model best suited for your specific needs and thereby aggrandize the return of your investment.
SNK since its foundation, continue to seek cutting-edge technology, accumulate know-how of die and mold, offer machine aim to high productivity of die and mold and acquired high reputation of technology.
SNK offers a wide variety of FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) applying from machine parts, die and molds, aircraft parts to various types of special parts to support drastic improvement of productivity, realization of laborsaving and many hours of unmanned operations.