Инженерный центр SDM поставщик ведущих мировых производителей металлообрабатывающего оборудования

NOMURA DS Cо., Ltd. (Japan)

The goal of Engineering Center SDM is the supply of high precision metalworking equipment and accessories and high-level service provision.

NOMURA DS Cо., Ltd. (Japan)

NOMURA DS has been manufacturing Swiss Type Auto Lathe for the last 70 years. NOMURA is famous for a high precision, durability and innovation for its products.

Brief History of NOMURA DS:
1935 - Lathe Research started (Founder: Mr. Koji Nomura). Established NOMURA.
1960 - 4000 sets of Cam-Type sold. NS10530, 8410 sales from 1945.
1970 - Developed IC10A. Export Started from 1964. Started sales of NC Cam-Type machine.
1980 - Developed CNC M-LO160V, CNC M-300KF, CNC M-50016R, U2.
1990 – Established NOMURA Auto Lathe Co., Ltd. 15000 sets of Cam-Type sold.
Present – 14000 sets of CNC Lathe sold. Developed 10EX, 20J3XB, 32YB3XB. NOMURA Tapping Centers sales. FANUC-equipped Auto Lathe.