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BIGLIA Spa (Italy)

The goal of Engineering Center SDM is the supply of high precision metalworking equipment and accessories and high-level service provision.

BIGLIA Spa (Italy)

Founded back in 1958, BIGLIAhave expanded constantly over the years to become the leading Italian manufacturer of CNC lathes and turning centers.
From the very beginning BIGLIA has been committed to improving machine performances, reliability and the quality of their products and after-sales service.

Today BIGLIA is an industrial reality with 160 employees.
Since 1958 BIGLIA have produced more than 10,000 machines, of which about 5,500 are CNC-lathes.
Reliability, accuracy and performance are assured by using state-of-the-art components, by monitoring manufacturing process closely and employing advanced production technology wherever appropriate.

Since its foundation BIGLIA has been committed to design and manufacture high-quality, high-precision machines that guarantee our customers high flexibility.

1958 - BIGLIA begins their activity by producing saw machines and special-purpose machine tools.
1964 - With the introduction of the model HRA 65, BIGLIA start the manufacture of the first automatic lathes.
1970 - The copying lathe HRA 105/4 is introduced to the market.(This machine is still at work today in mass-production).
1975 - HB 70 is the first lathe for bar machining.
1978 - With the model B 110 BIGLIA took hold in PLC programming introduced the first automatic turret.
1980 - The B 130 lathe equipped with CNC unit and the first gantry loader leads to CNC programming.
1982 - The B 131 lathe featuring guideways on bars introduces the concept of the sub-spindle.

1984 - The evolution of the B 131 model (max versatility for all machining applications on any field) represents a new way to conceive CNC-lathes. With the introduction of the inclined X-axis slide, the sub-spindle and the power heads. This machine becomes BIGLIA's first unit to be based on a modular concept (more than 1000 units are installed, some of which equipped with built-in gantry loader). 1984 also saw the introduction of other models such as the B 600, B2M, B2M 4-axis and the B 1000. This last machine is still used today to machine large-sized and long-shaped parts.
1985 - BIGLIA starts producing special-purpose lathes for the car industry.
1989 - The B 111 model is introduced - suitable for bar and chuck machining of small-sized parts.
1990 - The B 56 model is the innovative turning center. Its most complete configuration featuring 4 opposite axes with two motor-driven turrets and the sub-spindle is particularly suitable for the bar machining of finished parts on one machine only.
1993 - B 200: the first twin-spindle front lathe to machine flanges (available also with gantry loader). Still in production. In the same year the B 42 is presented to the market which will represent in conjunction with the B56 the range of 4-axis turning centers.
1994 - The B500 is introduced which features the innovative hydraulic index turret fully developed by BIGLIA.